Welcome to HEALTHFITMIND! My name is Avallon,  and I am both a clinical social worker, and a licensed fitness professional. I started this company to help promote a holistic approach to  physical and mental wellness. Creating a safe and supportive space for your wellness journey. 

Emotional Wellness

There is a time in ALL of our lives where we need some extra help in navigating challenges. I want to work with you to help you build on your existing strengths and resources, and give you a space where you feel supported and heard. Click below to find out more about how I work. 



I have attended fitness classes and tried various forms of exercise for many years. I  noticed that I often tuned-out while exercising as opposed to tuning in. I have come to see that movement and exercise start with tuning in, and taking the time to listen to our own body and mind while we move. My teaching approach follows suit, as I have seen the positive impact it has on my own mental health, and that of others. I ensure that my classes and training sessions are a safe, and supportive space for everyone. No matter what your level is, I can work with you towards your health goals. 

Please contact me for more information on classes and services available.